How ‘about them apples


What is an Apple Knocker?

Don’t miss your chance, go to online casinos australia legal only here good luck awaits you! Apple Knocker Hard Cider is located in Cobden Illinois. Cobden’s claim to fame is its unique mascot, an Appleknocker. According to the Oxford Dictionary, traditionally, an apple knocker was anyone who would sell, grow or pick apples. Later on, it became more of an adverse term for a working class individual.  

This nickname originated for Cobden’s mascot when the high school first began to compete in athletics. It did not yet have a mascot, so other schools started using the unflattering phrase to insult the new school. However, when Cobden High School made it to the state basketball championship in 1964, this mascot became the pride of Southern Illinois, showing the world what a small town could really do.

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