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TEKEL’s tender cost in 2003 was $ 1.15 billion; The tender cost in 2008 is $ 1.72 billion. According to the Central Bank Curriaries, the dollar in 2003 is about 1.33 YTL; The tender day on 22 February 2008 was 1.20 YTL. If the tender costs are multiplyed with these rates, the difference is approximately $ 400 million, does the monopoly have been tendered more than the price?

On the other hand, he did not decrease the languages ​​’languages’ in 2004, the 2nd hand machines were taken by a number of fraudulent paths, the price of the TEKEL will be higher than the basis of the figures of the Fig.

Something more remind … In 2004, the same year in two shifts produce a capacity of 11,000 tons of cigarettes in the Tekel, the same year boxed cigarette sales quantity is 8510 tons … In 2005, average 800 tons of boxed cigarettes in 2005 and an average of 500 tons each month in 2005 An enterprise is said to be a machine requirement? I probably verify that monopolists.

In 2006, the Tekel, Tokat, Tokat Cigarette Factory has received five 450 cycles of 2 450 cycles in Samsun factory 7 boxed ‘new’ machines. If we give an example; The best-sold boxed cigarette of TEKEL is’ TEKEL 2001. The total sales figure of the ‘TEKEL 2001’ cigarette in 2006 is about 18 million pounds; In 2007, it is 16 million pounds. These figures are the caused by the decline of the sales of the sales of the sales of the sales of the Tekel is not a boxed machine, which has become a toy of politicians that we often raise, is the incompetent of some managers …

Hál is not able to defend the thoughts of the Old General Manager of Sezai Ensari even if it is not like that … Famous 2nd Hand Cigarette Package Machines to Tekel ‘New’ is the Son of the owner of this firm’s son; (The tool we were promised in our previous articles) what they entered as a joint venture group with Şenol Steels and Bessam Lightning, and what they entered as a joint venture group, and in the monopoly tendering of the Public Tender Board, which is determined by the Public Procurement Board.

In the beginning of people who will not be able to speak in proportion to the market share of the value of the TEKEL, the Old General Manager Sezai Insari comes from the Final Minister UNAKITAN, ÖBİP KILİCI, the President of the Old Monopoly Board of Directors of the Board of Monopoly Board of Directors, is not supposed to be forgetting?

The Sub Commission review of TEKEL is starting on Wednesday 5 March. Kit Commissioner MPs are not able to know whether they take into account them, but the shot of the stranded people how it makes our country …

“Attention if you are going to travel with THY; the hostesses that serve as the cab clerk, let’s see an issue on the first plane you ride on the first flight you ride. I have traveled to New York on 25 February. I often go to America. as well as the correct output, the plane ‘steward’ did more, ie stewards … Say I was the hostess of 5 but 11 officers. I have my friend phone in Turkey, ‘true, the number of men has increased,’ I said. They told me ‘THY management more It is very men’s served, ‘he said. The hostesses are no longer wearing the skirt. Also the hostesses that are working on other airlines in Europe are also wearing pants. But the woman with about 1/4 in THY is about 1/4 of the female hostess weight is now halfway. came; so more stewards are taken.

The 2 mobile power plants in Samsun’s Tekkeköy District have experienced great joy in the city due to the decision of the court. Everyone “We will now take a comfortable breath and not poisoned”. These power plants have a long story:

Fixed power plants with the name of ‘mobile’ with the tender in 2000 were activated despite the public response. The helpless population has raised the Chairman of Samsun Bar and applied to the Administrative Court in 11.3.2002. The Samsun Administrative Court stated that the opened execution is not authorized in the claimed cancellation case, sent the file to Ankara 10th Administrative Court. The Court has stopped working with mobile power plants in its decision on 20.2.2003. Cengiz Enerji Energy has paid 128 million 199 thousand 310 dollars in Aksa Enerji Enerj in Aksa Energy Since the state activities were stopped in October 2003-July 2007.

Mobile Power Plants, the Ministry of Regulation Made by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, ‘EIA will be reported on 1.8.2007 on 1.8.2007 on 1.8.2007. On top of that, Samsun Bar is this ‘becomes’ that ‘becomes’ the report of the Report in the same month in Ankara 10th Administrative Court. The case was concluded on the 22nd January and the activity of mobile power plants was decided to stop.

This was a great victory of law; There were susceptible samsers and STCs that are struggling for years because it hurts the environment and human health. After the legal victory, they had the Turkish flag on their homes and workplaces. They would no longer be poisoned.

SAMSUN BARO President Ahmet Gürel, Ankara 10th Administrative Court has given an example decision, “The implementation of this judicial decision and the plants are now

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