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After the interview is over, they went to the old woman’s house on the walk and the child’s care of the child. The social worker who came from the child in mind, he met with the old woman, he saw the child playing in the other room, he greeted him, he gave him from the slider biscuits he removed from his pocket. He came to the eye that seemed to be the past as if it was a busy conversation in the silence. The child was a bit hired, the people that he stayed home were the first time they were coming all this was coming. The official caressed her hair in the form of Horse bond, they came out of the room. In the muht, the interview was to be prepared after the report to be prepared, then the child will have to be able to deliver the child to the children’s nest after two days after the phone was phoned. The officials have left the black car and left the village. Muhtar told the state of the old woman. The sun is close to the nearest and away from the mountains from there, the weather was cooled. Even in the evening, six years of age and fate were spoken to seventy from seven at the beginning of the steam hearth.

The Asmin all this one who is unaware of the elderly woman who is unaware of the old woman who is unaware of the end of the end and never to forget a deep slumber with the tale, the fate is unaware of the way that his destiny is …

The stories as well as in tales are also quickly passes, people and events grow quickly everyone else murlada. Come when you go to the muhmin province from the province of the phone to the protection of Asmin is accepted by the court. The child in the province must be brought in as soon as possible for the delivery of the Grinder. On the other end of the muhtar phone, after you have finished his / her in the other end, she slowly replaced the phone’s handset. He was saddened on the other hand as he was saddened and lost because of a drop of age. After deleting the face with the opposite of his hand, the old woman is set on the road towards the house of the woman. The old woman’s house is on the other end of the creek dividing the village in the other end of the creek, with a walk distance. The old man and child are unaware of the developments in the flow of everyday life.

The headman has punched his right hand and hit our old door to bring a sound quickly and tok twice. I called the woman I came from the inside. I wondered that the woman is that I wondered that this time is that the door steals. He opened the door, in the face of the muhtar pale breath. He has made the woman. The headman did not want to get in. Gorge from the door to me a cold water Ver also said I’m cooling my heart. Sat on a log in front of the door. The woman brought a tas water from the inside, the muhtar has drank out without breathing. Look Woman Look well, prepare Asmin, I will take the child in the country of mind in the provision. Put the big little what’s your item in a saddle. I will take away and deliver with the full of the village in the afternoon. I’ll also let me know that I’m also filling. Come on I’m going. You prepare the child. I’ll come with you in my old man. In the following mortal world either I see or not see it.

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