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In order to solve the problem of the monopoly worker, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has corresponded to the step to the Türk-work. The Turkish-Business General Financial Secretary with Erdogan and 2 hours interviewed delegation Ergün Atalay said that the monopoly worker will be imposed on getting the same of the salary he received today. “We want to work with our Rights Rights,” We want to work with our statement, death, permit allowance and seniority in any stage of the state. ” said.

The Prime Ministry official residential discussion to Cihan, the Atalay, who lasted to Cihan, 2 hours 10 minutes, said the monopoly workers have requested the Prime Minister. “The Prime Minister was quite hot. They needed all of them in the catering, they made it all named.” “On Monday,” Monday, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of State Vital Printer will offer us an offer. In the study, the presidency of the State staff in the study. We are looking forward to the meeting of the meeting. This is right. It is true. One of us is. have to solve this. ” spoke in the form of.

Atalay evaluated the proposal at the point of the Turkish-business delegation to the solution of the problem, expressed that they did not want 4-C (contractual employment). “What’s already came to our heads this C came from C. Neither of our friends Neither of 4 B’s B’s. The Atalay said that monopoly workers were not privatizing the victim of closure. The instance of this is previously experienced in the İzmit Seka and the 600 worker is being run by the Izmit Municipality there, “There are a total of 10 thousand 900 friends. When it becomes 10 thousand 900 friends. But there is no such choice here. 20 Your annual worker. Al Compensation has 12 years retirement. You will work 10 months a year 600 pounds. This is not justice. ” said.

The Prime Minister Erdogan said that the entire work is learned in the interview last evening in the conversation of the workers, what they need to explain what they offered in file. Atalay, which indicates that 4-C has no social rights has no social rights, gave the signal to the fee. “Maybe we’re getting it today about the wage we are getting it today. We don’t insist on the present in the fee. The President of the President of the Single Food Business is a minimum of a minimum of a business management. We would like to pass with our most important attention.” Sayin Ergün Atalay, birth, death, announced that the monopoly workers want to work in the public institution with the rights of interest, such as permission and severance compensation. Atalay asked the railways to the monopoly workers if they are given to a new working worker to the roadways to the roadways. Atalay, “Don’t give our compensation. The state will pay 410 million to workers for this. Don’t give them a retire.” made his description.

The disclosure of the Prime Minister of the monopoly workers to pass into other provinces, has made Atalay very happy. Atalay said that moment: “Give the business in Izmit, Izmit, where there is a monopoly worker working in Istanbul Walnut. We said. The Prime Minister us “We do the evil to our nation when we do our people. We don’t have the situation like deploying our nation’s house. “This phrase is a super statement.”

Ergün Atalay, 46 days, the money from the vault of Türk-İçli, reached 2 million pounds of Turkish-work. Atalay that the monopoly worker in the union is the need for the monopoly worker, the Atalay, which transmits what they met it if the only food business union needs. ‘Is 100 thousand pounds past.?’ Atalay to the question, “The cost of a rallying of 100 thousand pounds. Perhaps the 100 thousand pounds have passed 20 times.” said.

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