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With an extracted decree, the Ottoman Empire of the Ottoman Empire announced that they will pay half of the taxes. However, he could not fulfill this promise.

The Ottoman Empire, 1877-1878 was dragged in a new financial crisis during the Ottoman-Russian war. After defeat, it was agreed to pay 35 million Ottoman Lira as war compensation. As a result of these developments, the Ottoman Empire, British and French in 1863 in the Ottoman Bank (participated in Garanti Bank in 2001 participated in Garanti Banks), he could not pay the domestic debts. As a result, the Ottoman Empire, which was situated on the desk with the creditors, the rusumi in 1879 has left the tax revenues received with the decree on the sit on the site in 1879 as the tax revenues received in the taxi for 10 years for 10 years.

The European States, which are credited from the Ottoman, resulting in this compromise, and as a result, the task of collecting taxes from alcoholic drinks, fishing, salt, tobacco and silk, the duties to collect and pay the creditor is established in 1881 with a muharrem decree in 1881 (= General Liabilities) Given to the Administration. The administration of the Ottoman tobacco and incomes was established in Austria, Germany, England and France origin and 1883 in 1883 and transferred to the Regi Company in April 1884 for 30 years. In 1884, Cibi and Izmir cigarette factories were founded in 1895 in Adana Cigarette Factory and Samsun Smoking Factory in 1897.

The reji company, which harms the first three years since its establishment, created armed law enforcement forces by suggesting smuggling. The Sommeels did the rings tortures with the excuse to avoid smuggling tobacco smuggling, and the end has been involved in many armed conflicts ending with death. The rejection patrons in the villages in the villages have established a full exploitation layout of employees in cigarettes. It was 60 thousand people in 42 years in our territory of the Regi Company in our lands. On these pressures, the first strikes of the Ottoman history began. In 1906, 3 thousand people in Cibali have organized the protest rallies in Kavala-Drama in 1908 in Kavala-Drama and thousands of people Regi Administration in the province of Samsun.

In 1911, it was decided to remove the Regi Company and to establish a “state inhisarar─▒ for 7 years. In 1912, a “tobacco monopoly” law was prepared in 1912. However, as a result of the emergence of new financial challenges of Triplusgarp and Balkan battles, the company privileges were extended for 15 years since 1914, provided that the Regi Company is letting the Ottoman Lira 1.5 million Ottoman Lira to the Ottoman Empire.

Allies after the First World War with the Treaty of Lausanne, signed in 1923 between Turkey and the Ottoman Empire download the semi-colonial level the sinkhole-ui supervision of the General Administration’s tax revenues was terminated. This institution continued to maintain only debts to the creditor.

The debts of the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman State were divided into the States established on the Ottoman lands. The largest debt burden was given to Turkey. Turkey, D├╝yun-u’s last installment of its debt to the Public Administration, paid a full hundred years after the Ottoman Empire in 1954 for its first foreign debt.

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