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Esra Erol Turan stated that the Karak is in the building, but he did not agree to publish and say that there is no dare to broadcast. Elif Bayraktar claims her husband’s wedding while making birth. Elif Hanım said his wife with another woman in birthdays and told him that he was published in social media. He told me that the Tarık wife connected to the publication was fond of a day even a day did not prepare breakfast. Elif Bayraktar and his mother came to the Bircur Hanim publication. September 7 September on Esra Erol live one piece Youtube Full watch link on our news.

Esra Erol, who strikes the screens with the comments with the comments, continues to address all events. The program published in ATV wants trackers again. Studying overlooked points, those who want to provide streaming to the notice line on the issues that are informed of the Youtube watch option in Esra Erol. ATV YouTube canal and Esra Erol can watch the publications via YouTube Channel.

There is also the option to monitor the program in Esra Erol for the audience at school or outside. There are many platforms for that. With the Youtube Channel of ATV and the Program, many broadcast networks such as Digiturk, D-Smart also publishes the Esra Erol, but also the chance to monitor all the publication with the reverse san feature. You can also watch through www.atv.com.tr.

5 girls are the median of the child. SHE Originally Sinop is the child of a family with Ayancık SHE. She has completed the first, middle and high school education in Kütahya, where the father of the father who is the name of Seyfi and Police.

Two consecutive years, Turkey’s most prestigious award by Golden Butterfly is one of the best server award she won.

The Social Responsibility Project launched in 2010 gave free consultancy services to 6000 women with hope, and the project’s income has achieved the content of the program with quiet women and the black veil book. Due to its support to disabled citizens in the program, the blue cover campaign has distributed over 1000 cordless chairs.

In the “Esra Erol” program published on the ATV screens every day on the weekday, “March 9 2021 came on Tuesday screens. So what happened in Esra Erol? Sad events in the ATV screens to the ATV screens offered by Esra Erol include crushed issues such as lives, relationships and DNA tests.

Today at Esra Erol live stream (March 9, 2021 Tuesday) What is happening? Yavuz Bey will come to the studio? Second curtain in great confrontation! Scandal words from a husband! “You’re the woman he Located in inappropriate video on social media slander my husband threw me,” said Ms. Filiz rebellion to Turkey per screen locks. He secretly took his mother’s phone while cleaning at home, disappeared at a time! What is the big doubt about Gülcünaz Hanim’s daughter Zeynep? What is the last decision of Süleyman Bey in 43 years of marriage called? All and more ATV Esra Erol in the live stream …

“The woman in the improper video in the inappropriate video in the social media, my husband libeled me” Sprout Hanim’s riot to talk very much!

These images will be spoken to a lot! His wife Büşra has escaped with his closest friend he didn’t afford “You’re not the father of my baby in my stomach”!

Her husband has left a letter and disappeared unless the losses on February 1! The only request of Rebelled Eve after his outgoing husband is the only request to find her husband!

The houses were separated, a 43-year nest came to the point of breaking down because of the bad habit of her husband! The Eve fitted after his aunt’s outgoing husband!

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